Runoff Election Reminder

The runoff election for Gainesville City Commission, District 2, will be this Tuesday, February 19. Our endorsed candidate, Democrat Lauren Poe, will be facing off against Republican Bonnie Mott. Because this is the only election on that day it is expected that voter turnout will be low. So please be sure to get out and vote for Poe if you live in District 2. If you don’t live in that district, please take the time to contact your friends in District 2 and ask them to vote.

The following link features a map of Gainesville that shows what District 2’s borders are:

Also, you can vote early at the County Administration Building Location at 12 SE 1st Street – today until 5 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 1 pm to 5 pm.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday, March 13 at 5:45 pm.