The Florida LGBTA Democratic Caucus issued the following statement from President Terry Fleming:

“There can be no more pretense: President Trump is racist. In both words and actions, he’s made clear where he stands on the issues of diversity and equality. He’s against them.

“His latest incendiary, divisive outburst is just one more example, and underscores America’s shrinking leadership on the world stage and the rising white nationalist sentiments here at home – a core part of his political base.

“Florida is among the most diverse states in the country; our residents speak hundreds of languages. We have taken in refugees from Haiti, as well as our fellow citizens from Puerto Rico. Florida, like the United States as a whole, is stronger because of our diversity.

“The Florida LGBTA Democratic Caucus takes the president’s words at face value – we know where he stands, so we know where we stand. He has in the past attacked LGBT Americans, and we know we’ll be in his spotlight again. Still, we will not be distracted from our mission and our efforts to ensure equality for all Floridians.”