December 1st is World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day. On this day, communities all over the world work to raise awareness about the impact of HIV/AIDS, to encourage HIV testing, and to emphasize the importance of medical care and treatment for those living with HIV/AIDS.

According to the Florida Department of Health’s HIV/AIDS Section, Florida has been heavily impacted by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The state continues to rank third in the nation in the cumulative number of AIDS cases (126,581 in 2012) and second in the nation in the cumulative number of HIV cases (49,058 in 2012). The Florida Department of Health estimates that approximately 130,000 individuals are living with HIV disease in Florida. Of those persons living with HIV disease, 49% are black, 29% are white and 20% are Hispanic. Men represent 70% of the cases. Persons over the age of 45 years represent 60%.

Florida is losing the battle against HIV/AIDS. We must elect compassionate leaders to all levels of political office who will work to end this epidemic while providing adequate funding and care to Floridians living with HIV/AIDS.

To learn more about the status of HIV/AIDS in Florida, or to find testing sites and local events in your area to recognize World AIDS Day, visit