Capital Equality Opposes Anti-LGBTQ Appointment to Constitution Revision Commission

Last night, the Republican Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives announced his appointments to Florida’s Constitution Revision Commission. His appointments included radical extremist John Stemberger, president of the anti-family group: the Florida Family Policy Council (FFPC).

Despite claiming a long history of service to Florida’s families, Stemberger has done just the opposite. He led the losing effort to add illegal and unconstitutional discriminatory language to Florida’s Constitution banning marriage equality—costing taxpayers millions. After losing the fight of his career, Stemberger continued a hate-filled tirade against LGBTQ families by saying they “want to force their aberrant views on human sexuality upon the rest of society by the mandate and penalty of law.”

“The appointment of John Stemberger to a commission charged with improving our state’s primary governing document is not only unconscionable but is also a direct threat to Florida’s families,” said Andy Janecek, President of Capital Equality Democratic Caucus. “Stemberger’s radical positions against equality for all and freedom are dangerous. We’re calling on Speaker Corcoran to immediately withdraw this appointment.”

Stemberger’s record of failure has proven he misunderstands both the U.S. Constitution and the bedrock of freedom this country was founded on. The Florida Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court have ruled against Stemberger’s radical, special interest agenda that harms Florida families. Placing him on Florida’s Constitution Revision Commission is unwise and risky. It jeopardizes Florida’s brand as a family-friendly state and could cost taxpayers millions if Stemberger pushes his unconstitutional, radical agenda into the Florida Constitution.