The Stonewall Democrats of Pinellas County are proud to endorse

The Stonewall Democrats of Pinellas County Endorsements
Gulfport, Safety Harbor and Treasure Island
March 14th 2017 Municipal Elections

St. Petersburg, FL – The membership of the Stonewall Democrats of Pinellas County have voted to endorse a slate of candidates for three local Municipal races. All candidates completed written surveys on equality issues and were interviewed at length by the organization’s Elections committee. Organization members and the public are strongly encouraged to support these candidates and assist in their campaigns.

GULFPORT – City Council – Ward 4
Candidate: Michael Fridovich
Recommendation: Endorsement
Background: Michael is the type of small town politician that is everywhere. He has served Gulfport well during his time in office and he has numerous endorsements to prove it. He has also supported all LGBT and human rights issues in his role as a Gulfport Council member and in other capacities. In the past and currently Michael has been active in numerous organizations including the ACLU, Neighborhood associations and numerous boards and councils. Michael is also an associate member of the Stonewall Democrats.

Candidate: Joe Ayoub
Recommendation: Endorsement
Background: Joe impressed committee members as the candidate with the best skills and leadership qualities for the position. He is a CPA and the CFO of a growing technology company. In addition to strong LGBT support for his campaign, he also has endorsements from some Equality Leaders previously endorsed by the Stonewall Democrats and allies. Members were impressed with Joe’s work to find a smart middle ground for the city between preserving the small town atmosphere and reviving a struggling small town business district. This is a challenging and controversial matter, but the committee is recommending Joe as the best candidate for mayor.

TREASURE ISLAND – City Commission – District 4
Candidate: Deborah Lynn Toth
Recommendation: Endorsement
Background: Deborah is running her first political campaign primarily in response to her belief that the city commission was tone deaf as to the public’s desires concerning redevelopment. She intends to bring a different perspective to the commission. The answer is not always increasing building height and density. As a nurse Deborah sees equality the same way she treats all of her patients – equally. Deborah recalled times when she had to bend the rules in order to communicate with same sex partners. She has expressed strong support of all of our equality issues. We enjoyed meeting her and providing a little more LGBT education.

The Stonewall Democrats of Pinellas County are proud to have endorsed the follow St. Petersburg candidates in prior year elections:

Rick Kriseman – Mayor

Background: Rick has been a long-time supporter of Equality issues; he helped passed the first Human Rights Ordinance in St. Petersburg in 2002, and promoted pro-LGBT legislation while in the FL House of Representatives. He will continue to take a stand to protect the rights of the LGBT community within city government and in partnership with other Florida municipal leaders. He’s conducting a positive campaign focusing on issues rather than opponents and hopes to lead the city council as a team to get more done than in the past. He’s a Stonewall Dems Professional Member thru his law firm, Lucas Green & Magazine.

Jim Kennedy – City Council, District 2

Background:Jim has been a resident of St. Petersburg for over 30 years, and is the current City Council Member from District. He received his undergraduate degree in Political Science and Economics from Rider University and law degree from Stetson University College of law in 1981. He is solo practitioner in downtown St. Petersburg. He is married to his lovely wife Norma and has two daughters.

Darden Rice – City Council, District 4

Background: Darden has been active in politics and public life for many years. She was the first openly gay candidate for St. Pete City Council in 2005, and has just stepped down as president of the League of Women Voters to run in this race. She hopes to strengthen the city’s ability to attract high-paying jobs and to address the concerns of the various neighborhoods, to ensure that all citizens and constituencies are represented. She is a strong supporter of LGBT rights and has long been active in progressive political organizations.

Karl Nurse – City Council, District 6

Background: As a city council member Karl helped pass its first Human Rights Ordinance in 2002 and has supported every issue of importance to the LGBT community since then, from domestic partnerships to equal treatment in city benefit plans and marriage equality. He also believes the city can influence business practices that would benefit residents by insisting on improved policies that attract jobs and community investment.

Amy Foster – City Council, District 8

Background: Amy is openly Lesbian and has promoted Equality issues for years. She is the Vice President of St. Pete Pride, and has also provided free consultant services to Transaction FL. Amy has advocated for Gender Identity and Expression coverage in Human Rights Ordinances at the city and county level. She strongly supports changing adoption laws to include rights for both same sex parents, and is also concerned with LGBT youth issues, including hate crimes and homelessness. She is a national Program Manager for a workforce development group and has served on the boards of numerous community organizations.

The Stonewall Democrats are proud to support all endorsed candidates for St. Petersburg city government.