SUBJECT: Historic Election For Equality. Vote Today!

Current area elections give equality-minded voters an unprecedented chance to choose candidates that reflect our values at both the local and national level.

The following municipal candidates have sought and won the Stonewall Democrats’ official endorsement. They participated in a thorough review process and demonstrated their strong commitment to equality and we’re proud to support their candidacy:

Candidate: Jim Anderson
Running for: St. Pete Beach City Commissioner
Jim is running for City Council in a town where the issues are not neatly divided by political party. There are concerns about overdevelopment and how to update infrastructure to keep up with the needs of the community. Jim supports a more measured approach that favors current homeowners over high density/high-rise developers. He is concerned that greatly increasing the population by expanding high-rise zoning will outstrip the capacity of the town to provide services and evacuate when necessary. Jim has been supportive of Equality issues for many years and has campaigned for other equality-minded candidates. He is a long-time member of Stonewall Democrats and believes that we, as a group, can help change society for the better. He is a retired firefighter and they are assisting in his campaign. He is completing his degree in Accounting. To contribute or volunteer, visit or call 727-360-0963.

Candidate: Joe Barkley
Running for: Commissioner, Belleair Bluffs
Joe has been doing a great job during his tenure on the city commission. He has served as Fire Commissioner, Police Commissioner, and is currently the Administrative Commissioner. He is a member of the league of Cities, and on the PSTA board of directors. Joe served 4 years active duty and 2 years in the Reserves as an Air Force officer, attaining the rank of Captain. Joe has a background is in insurance, real estate, and tax law. He has over 30 years’ experience in the issues involving property ownership. Joe and his wife, Mary Lou Ambrose, own an insurance agency. Both Joe and Mary Lou are active members of the Stonewall Democrats. He is strong on LGBT issues and equality. To contribute or volunteer, visit or call 727-433-4045.

Candidate: Chris Hrabovsky
Running for: Tarpon Springs City Commission
Chris has been an activist for citizen rights and the environment in Tarpon Springs for 8 years. He’s known as the guy who stood up to Walmart. He prevented them from building on environmentally sensitive land. When everyone else gave up the legal battle against WalMart, he stayed with the fight. Chris attends almost every city council meeting. He has proposed many ideas to help improve how the city does business, such as the recently adopted policy of notifying residents if their names appear on the city agenda. He has plans to stand up to Duke Energy and reduce the utility rates in Tarpon, and to help families keep their homes out of foreclosure. He’s strong on LGBT issues and equality. He works as a hypnotist in private practice. To contribute or volunteer, visit or call 727-481-9076.

Candidate: Yolanda Roman
Running for: Gulfport City Council, Ward 3
Yolanda Romans is passionate in advocating for LGBT issues, including testifying before the city council to pass one of the first Domestic Partnership Registries in the state. Her skill set includes working with diverse interest groups in a business setting to meet mutual goals. Her background is in pharmacology/biology and she is now a liaison with business, government and social service agencies to deliver needed treatments to affected populations. With her ability to work in partnership with many diverse interests, we expect her to be an effective member of Gulfport City Council who will work for the greatest good for this city. To contribute or volunteer, visit or call 727-512-2924

Candidate: Jon Paul Rosa
Running for: Clearwater City Council Member
Jon is a military veteran with several tours in Afghanistan and experience working with military intelligence both here and abroad. He hopes to focus on quality of life issues facing Clearwater, like buteParks and Recreation, the use of alternative energy sources, and the re-development of downtown Clearwater to attract more visitors who will support small businesses there. He expects support not only from Democrats but also Conservatives who will appreciate his service to his country. He also has the support of the Hispanic community. He regretted the loss of comrades in the military who were discharged because of their sexual orientation. and applauds the end of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. He has gay family members and is committed to pursuing equal rights for all if he’s elected to city government. He is a member of Stonewall Democrats of Pinellas County. To contribute or volunteer, visit or call 727-373-8393

ALEX SINK FOR CONGRESS: For those in Congressional District 13, we can also make a big difference at the national level by voting for Alex Sink. She’s an equality supporter, and her opponent Jolly has publicly stated he’s against marriage equality. To contribute or volunteer, visit or call 727-710-6493.

VOTE BY MAIL: If you’re already on the vote by mail ballot list, you should be receiving your ballot by the end of the day Monday. If you aren’t already signed up for a ballot, visit the Supervisor of Elections website ( or call 727-464-8683 to request one. It’s the best way to make sure you get your ballot cast in this historic election!

Vote today and tell your friends!