Ron DeSantis’ Shameful Bigotry is on Full Display with Signing of Heinous Don’t Say Gay Bill


SPRING HILL, FL – Ron DeSantis rushed to sign the heinous Don’t Say Gay bill (HB 1557) today at Classical Preparatory School in Spring Hill, even though the Florida legislature had not even sent over the legislation as of last night. Adding insult to injury, DeSantis chose to sign the bill at a charter school that may not even be bound by the vaguely worded legislation.

Caucus President Stephen Gaskill issued the following statement on the bill signing:

“It’s clear where Ron DeSantis’ priorities are. Of all the challenges Florida is facing and bills passed during the legislative session, he jumped at the opportunity to demonize LGBTQ+ Floridians. His shameful bigotry is cynically designed for partisan gain and authoritarian rule at the expense of LGBTQ+ students, educators, and families. It’s not a political game though when lives are on the line.”

Caucus Legislative Director Nathan Bruemmer issued the following statement on the bill’s impact:

“Dedicated LGBTQ+ teachers must hide who they are or risk losing their career. Students with LGBTQ+ parents and siblings won’t be able to talk about their families. We will lose more LGBTQ+ youth to suicide and hate crimes against LGBTQ+ Floridians will increase. These tragedies will be on DeSantis’ hands. Florida’s LGBTQ+ community is sending him a loud and clear message: we will not be erased, and we will fight his hate-filled attacks on us with everything we have.”

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