National Stonewall Democrats Laud Record-Smashing LGBT Participation at 2012 DNC Convention

National Stonewall Democrats Laud Record-Smashing LGBT Participation at 2012 DNC Convention

Washington, DC – National Stonewall Democrats (NSD) announced today it has identified at least 534 official LGBT participants for the 2012 Democratic National Committee Convention in Charlotte, NC next week. This record number of participants represents a marked increase in LGBT participation from four years ago in Denver where just over 350 LGBT participants were identified.

“What an amazing and inspiring convention this will be,” said Jerame Davis, Executive Director of National Stonewall Democrats. “With over 530 LGBT participants identified for this year’s convention, we not only set a new record for LGBT participation in a national convention, we have sent the clearest message possible that the Democratic Party is the party of inclusion.”

“Dedicated activists,” continued Davis, “including those at the DNC and National Stonewall Democrats, made this historic moment possible by doggedly insisting that LGBT people have a seat at the table and by demonstrating the strength our community can bring to party politics. We didn’t sit around wishing for a better Party, we made the Party better for LGBT people.”

Pride in the Party, National Stonewall Democrats’ program to increase LGBT participation at conventions and within the various state and national Democratic Party organizations, was launched in 2007 with director Rick Boylan at the helm. Boylan, who currently consults for the DNC, added some broader context to this year’s record LGBT delegation:

“You cannot overstate the critical role presidential campaigns play in working with state parties and Democratic leaders to meet the demographic goals set by state parties,” said Boylan. “The Obama campaign understands that the LGBT community is a key constituency in the 2012 election. Their support for the community and the issues important to LGBT Americans will help reelect the president and elect Democrats down the ballot in all states.”

“An increase in the number of LGBT delegates is only the tip of the iceberg,” continued Boylan. “By ensuring an open and inclusive delegate selection process, state Democratic Party organizations are witnessing an increase in LGBT involvement in Democratic campaigns, as well as Democratic organizing and fundraising activities. As the Party has expanded its outreach to the LGBT community, the community has expanded its involvement in the Party. We are seeing better working relationships with elected officials and more interest in pro-equality legislation at all levels of government.”

2012 Democratic National Convention LGBT Participation by the Numbers

Total LGBT Participants: 534

LGBT Delegates: 486 (116.27% of goal; 8.15% of the 5963 total delegates expected in Charlotte.)
LGBT Alternates: 23
LGBT Committee Members: 20
LGBT Pages: 5

Jurisdictions that met or exceeded goal: 38
Jurisdictions that missed their goal: 15
Jurisdictions that met or exceeded their 2008 LGBT participation: 44
Transgender participants: 11 (7 delegates, 3 committee members, 1 alternate)

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