LGBTQ+ Dems Slam Anti-LGBTQ+ Attacks on Broward School Board


DELRAY BEACH, FL – The right-wing smear machine is in full swing against Broward School Board Member Sarah Leonardi for organizing a field trip to a Wilton Manors restaurant so school kids could learn how a restaurant operates. Energized by the Fox News right-wing echo chamber, this manufactured controversy is the next step in the Republicans’ demonization of Florida’s school boards, and a direct attack on their curriculum. Florida LGBTQ+ Democratic Caucus President Stephen Gaskill issued the following statement:

“Our schools and school boards are under enough pressure as it is without manufactured and bogus issues generated by perpetually aggrieved Republicans, Trumpers, and Q-Anon followers looking to spout off on social media. The intent of this so-called controversy is to undermine the authority and independence of Broward Schools, which teach about the role of the school and the student in the community. To assume there is something shameful about visiting a popular and successful LGBTQ-owned business in the heart of the neighborhood is a classic homophobic and transphobic ploy out of the right-wing playbook. We support Broward Schools, School Board Member Sarah Leonardi, and the decision to take these kids on a field trip approved by their parents.”

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