LGBTQ+ Dems Congratulate FDP Chair Manny Diaz and New Party Leadership


DELRAY BEACH FL – Today the Florida Democratic Party (FDP) elected a new chair and the following party leadership:

  • Manny Diaz, Chair
  • Judy Mount, Vice Chair
  • Casmore Shaw, Secretary
  • Francine Garcia, Treasurer
  • Democratic National Committee Members Nadia Ahmad, Grace Carrington, Marcus Dixon, Samantha Hope Herring, Thomas Kennedy, Sanjay Patel, Terrie Rizzo, Sean Shaw, and Steve Simeonidis, and LGBTQ+ Caucus members Alan Clendenin and Vivian Rodriguez

Florida LGBTQ+ Democratic Caucus President Stephen Gaskill issued the following statement congratulating the new leadership:

“We congratulate Manny Diaz on being elected Florida Democratic Party Chair. Our community looks forward to working with him on his vision to unite the party and rebuild it from the ground up, with a focus on our party clubs and caucuses, DECs, and organizers across the state.

“We also congratulate Judy Mount on being reelected Vice Chair. With the historic election of Chair Diaz, Vice Chair Mount, Secretary Shaw, and Treasurer Garcia, all FDP officers are people of color, reflecting the diversity of our party and our state. We also look forward to working with the newly elected members of the Democratic National Committee.

“LGBTQ+ Democrats are grateful for the leadership of outgoing Chair Terrie Rizzo. She is a true friend and ally of our community. Her commitment and dedication to growing our Party will not be forgotten.

“Florida’s LGBTQ+ community knows that our path to equality requires electing more equality champions to Congress, Florida’s Cabinet, and the state legislature. Our lives depend on it. With Chair Diaz’s vision and this new leadership, we are ready to do the hard work it will take to turn Florida blue and achieve equality for all.”

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