HB 33 & SB 156 – Florida Competitive Workforce Act

While we celebrate much progress on the march to full equality in Florida, there still remains work to be done!

Florida remains one of several states where people can be fired because of their real or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity/expression and denied access to public accommodations.

The Florida LGBTA Democratic Caucus applauds the introduction of House Bill 33 & Senate Bill 156, the Florida Competitive Workforce Act, legislation which would prohibit such discrimination.

Representatives and Senators on both sides of the aisle understand the importance of LGBTA equality in Florida, including sponsors Republican Holly Rachein in the House and Democratic Senator Joseph Abruzzo.  We applaud their colleagues who are currently listed as co-sponsors of these bills:


  • John Cortes, D – Kissimmee
  • Katie Edwards, D – Sunrise
  • Heather Fitzenhagen, R – Fort Myers
  • Joseph Geller, D – Dania Beach
  • Bill Hager, R – Boca Raton
  • Kristin Jacobs, D – Coconut Creek
  • Evan Jenne, D – Hollywood
  • Shevrin Jones – D, West Park
  • Mike Miller, R – Orlando
  • Jared Moskowitz, D – Coral Springs
  • Amanda Murphy – D, New Port Richey
  • Ed Narain, D – Tampa
  • Kathleen Peters, R – St. Petersburg
  • Ray Pilon, R – Sarasota
  • Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda, D-Tallahassee
  • David Richardson, D – Miami Beach
  • Richard Stark, D – Weston
  • Clovis Watson, D – Gainesville
  • Dwight Bullard, D- Cutler Bay

If you do not see your State Representative and/or State Senator on this list, we urge you to contact them to become a co-sponsor!  If they are on this list, please contact them to thank them for being a leader on equality!

Use this link to find your local State Representative and this link to find your local State Senator.

Sample text of an email request:

“Dear Representative/Senator (fill in their name), as an equality-minded/LGBT Floridian, I urge you to become a co-sponsor of HB 33/SB 156, the Florida Competitive Workforce Act!  No one should be hired, denied promotion or terminated or denied public accommodations because of who they are.  We are all Floridians who live, play, work and pay taxes.  This legislation would alleviate that and allow all Floridians to be their authentic selves without fear of recrimination.  Thank you!”