Florida LGBTA Democratic Statement on HB 1151 & SB 1542

The Florida LGBTA Democratic Caucus applauds State Senator Darren Soto & State Representative David Richardson for their introduction of legislation that updates laws regarding parentage on birth certificate with current marriage laws, furthering the cause of equality for all Floridians.

Although marriage equality has been a reality for a year now, if the couple decides to become parents, presently the only possibility is to list one as the mother and one as the father, regardless of the gender of the couple.  These bills would allow for the parents to list themselves appropriately on their child’s birth certificate.

The Caucus also applauds Caucus Legislative Committee Director Elizabeth McCarthy and her team for their work with Sen Soto & Rep Richardson in getting these critical pieces of legislation drafted & introduced!  We urge swift passage of these bills to enhance equality for all of Florida’s families!

We urge our members, supporters & friends across the state to contact their House and Senate members to support these bills!