Florida LGBTA Democratic Caucus Statement on Supreme Court Marriage Ruling

The Florida LGBTA Democratic Caucus applauds and celebrates the Supreme Court decision bringing marriage equality to all 50 states!  With this ruling, LGBT families no longer have to worry about the recognition of their marital status depending on where they are in the country.

We ask all Americans to join us in celebration as we take this next step on the path to equality!

While we celebrate this decision, we must not turn away and neglect the equally if not more important issues of economic justice that still need to be addressed for the LGBT community.  Whether it be housing and employment protections for gays and lesbians, full acceptance and celebration of the transgender community for who they are, or the broader societal issues that inordinately impact the LGBT community such as access to health care, a living wage and fair treatment for immigrants.  We ask you to remember that marriage equality is not the goal, but just a step along the path and we invite you to join with us to travel the path to the end where we will find full justice and equality for everyone.