Florida LGBTA Democratic Caucus Denounces Reported Trump Anti-LGBT Executive Order

The Florida LGBTA Democratic Caucus strongly denounces a reported Executive Order by the President that repeals many of the protections put in place by the Obama Administration regarding LGBT equality.

According to President Terry Fleming, “We are veterans and teachers, homemakers and CEO’s, civil servants and laborers, police officers and construction workers and we deserve equal protections against discrimination in housing, employment, credit and public accommodation.  Wrapping legal discrimination in the mantle of religious freedom is an affront to people of all faiths and creeds and a violation of our constitution. This order must be strenuously opposed by all people of good conscience.”

Under the guise of “religious liberty,” this EO would allow federal employees to refuse to serve LGBT Americans based on a belief that marriage is between a man and a woman, allow taxpayer funds to be used to discriminate against LGBT Americans in social services, allow adoption agencies that receive federal funding to discriminate against LGBT parents & remove sexual orientation and gender identity as protected categories for federal employees and contractors.