Equality Florida Launches #DiscriminationExists Campaign to Raise Awareness

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Equality Florida Institute

#DiscriminationExists – Join the Conversation

Friend, did you know same-sex couples who wed over the weekend could find themselves fired today simply because of who they love?

While January 6 was a remarkable day in history – as the freedom to marry came to Florida – we realize there is still work to be done to ensure full equality for LGBT Floridians.

It’s surprising to realize that in this day and age, it is actually still perfectly legal under the laws of our state to discriminate against people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. That’s why we are joining the Equality Federation in a week-long education campaign – #DiscriminationExists – to highlight the fact that despite our recent victories, Florida still needs to update its laws to protect LGBT people from discrimination.


Florida is 1 of 29 states that does not clearly protect LGBT people from discrimination despite the fact that 73% of Floridians support a statewide sexual orientation and gender identity anti-discrimination law.

No one should have to live in fear of being fired because of who they love or denied housing for being their authentic self.

Join the #DiscriminationExists campaign by telling your story and help highlight the need for statewide protections. Sharing our stories plays an important role in changing the hearts and minds of Floridians, showing them that discrimination does exist. Have you been fired from your place of work, denied housing, or denied a service for being an LGBT individual? Share your experience with us by clicking here.

Nadine Smith
CEO, Equality Florida

P.S. Use #DiscriminationExists on Facebook and Twitter this week and visit DiscriminationExists.org for samples of what to post on social media. 

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