Democrats projected to pick up a new seat with Amanda Murphy victory!

Florida Democrats are as excited and energized as ever with the special election to fill in the vacant Florida House District 36 seat. Previously held by a moderate Republican, House District 36 is actually a democratic-leaning seat on the west coast of Florida.

Democrat Amanda Murphy has been running for this seat for a few weeks now, and has already garnered a tremendous amount of support and endorsements. With a Murphy victory, Democrats will go from 44 State House seats to 45 State House seats, inching towards the 61 needed to gain a majority.

The Florida House District 36 special general election will be held on October 15. House District 36 covers portions of Pasco county. Registered Republicans make up approximately 34% of the registered voters with Democrats accounting for 37%. Mitt Romney received 47% in District 36 in 2012 with Rick Scott receiving 48% and John McCain at 47% in their respective races.

A special election for House District 36 was required after Representative Mike Fasano was appointed Pasco County Tax Collector by Governor Rick Scott.